Certified Engineered Pine

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Phil Rimmer

phil rimmer photoRight Build Australia specialises in new build and renovations in the Brisbane region of Queensland.

"Finger-jointed pine product from PINENZ accredited manufacturers is brilliant from that point of view: smooth and straight, primed and termite resistant. It has all the characteristics we need to produce a first class result."

We’re pleased that our PINENZ accredited New Zealand wood products get the tick from a builder who has 35 years industry experience.


Michael Edwards


Michael Edwards Lifestyle Homes builds award-winning residences in the spectacular Blue Mountains region of New South Wales.

“It’s just part of the whole package you get with timber from New Zealand – high quality wood products created from a renewable resource.”

We’re pleased that our New Zealand wood products get the tick from a builder who has won multiple honours from Master Builders and the Housing Industry Association. Look for Michael’s award-winning green buildings next time you’re in the Blue Mountains.


Geoff Hermon


Consistent quality makes New Zealand finger-jointed pine the timber of choice for The Australian Summerhouse, a specialist manufacturer of summerhouses, gazebos, pergolas, decks, verandahs, arbours and other garden structures.

“The finger-jointed pine we get from New Zealand is simply the best.”

The Australian Summerhouse products are used by a wide cross-section of customers across Australia, ranging from project builders to developers, to councils, in either kitset or custom designs. So if you see a new rotunda in your local park, or a stylish gazebo in your neighbour’s garden, check it out. If it is from The Australian Summerhouse, it’s not only going to look good - it’s going to perform for decades.

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